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  • Hi, my name's Star, but I'm also known as Sue.
    I am passionate about the power of words and the way they bring us closer together. Words contain the power to solve even the biggest of problems, especially when they come from the heart. I am also fortunate enough to have several strings to my bow:

    As a business, copy, and social media writer, I specialize in adapting my voice to that of my amazing clients and publications. Current and previous clients include branding expert Dorie Clark (Entrepreneurial You, Stand Out, and Reinventing You), DoubleCheck Research, numerous business ghostwriting clients, and educational publishers such as Helicon, among others. I also adore animals, especially dogs, and I enjoy blogging for pet bloggers at BlogPaws.

    As a fiction writer and confidence coach, I often use stories to help end the shame of bullying and teach young people how to tackle it. Having experienced bullying as a child, I later worked as a teacher at the first of the Red Balloon Learner Centers -- a UK charity for students who self-exclude from mainstream education due to trauma and harassment. Since then, I have dedicated my fiction writing to empowering those who feel different.

    My literary fiction has appeared in a wide range of magazines and journals, including Narrative where I later worked as an editor. My young adult novella, The Winged Hendersons, has been the recipient of the Glimmer Train Best Start Award and was also honored with a "top 25" acknowledgment in the Glimmer Train Fiction Open. Under another name, I am an Amazon bestselling author and an LGBTQ+ blogger, publisher, and activist. Under that identity, I am proud to have been a fellow at the Writers Room of Boston.

    I have worked as a confidence coach and writing instructor at Grub Street and elsewhere. You'll find a fuller list of my publications below.

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Sue Star Williams

  • As a business, copy, and social media writer, Sue Williams (also known as Star Williams) loves words, ideas, and people. She is proud to support branding expert Dorie Clark (Stand Out and Reinventing You) with her social media, and also writes for the awesome Doublecheck Research.

    Sue, who is a Brit living in the USA, has a BA (hons) in English (University of Exeter), a BSc (hons) in Psychology (Open University), and earned a postgraduate qualification in Education from the University of Cambridge.

    As a fiction writer, she is fortunate to have been an editor at Narrative. Her stories, which often tackle the theme of feeling different, have appeared in numerous magazines. Under another name, she has published a novel with Harper Collins and is an Amazon bestselling author. You can read more about her writing here.

    Sue comes from a literacy teaching, activism, and confidence coaching background. In addition, she has worked as a writing instructor and coach at Grub Street, a crossword proofreader at Puzzler, a personal tutor, and a writing contest judge at Buckingham Palace, England.

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October 05, 2016


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