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  • Sue Williams is a British writer who lives in the USA.
    Under her pen name, she has published a novel with Harper Collins, and has written a wide range of columns and articles. As Sue, she has worked as an editor at Narrative, has published over twenty stories in literary magazines and has won several awards. Sue co-runs Here Booky Booky, an indie publishing service for writers. She also teaches flash fiction writing and other courses at Grub Street in Boston.

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  • Sections of this blog were read out by Brendan Gullifer on The Naked Novelist (show 31: Seeing Double).


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January 14, 2012


Shanna Germain

Wow. You just made me all happy and choked up that you included me in the same breath as Steve Almond and Anias Nin. Thank you.

It sounds like a fantastic class! I've passed the word along.


It's my pleasure, Shanna. I love your work and often use your beautiful stories in my erotica classes. So thank *you*!

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